Growth Capital for Dentist Investors, LLC & Dental Practice

If you are looking to scale your dental practice or Dentist Investors, LLC our team can assist with connecting with investors and capital sources in the industry. Many in our industry get stuck between cheap debt and very invasive private equity investment options when it comes to growing faster or getting your Dentist Investors, LLC to the next level. Our model provides a third option of using our private investors to help you scale while keeping you in control. Since our investments are for a minority piece of equity, or in some cases with no requirement of equity at all, you are able to stay in complete control of your brand and avoid the headaches that come along with essentially working for someone else after you take their capital.


While many dental practices can self-fund their expansion, it many times
comes at the cost of providing profit dividends to equity holders.

If you could grow your practice faster, but still take profits out of the practice to diversify your wealth it could be a balance between these two sometimes competing objectives.

If you are considering an acquisition and need to explore growth capital options to scale please complete the form below and lets have a 15 minute call to discuss how we could help structure an investment good for your clinicians, equity holders, and our dentist investors.

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