Private Investor & Wealthy Dentist Investor Funding

Our team specializes in providing private investor and individual dentist investor capital to help dental practices or Dental Investors, LLC scale. Many dentists are hesitant to work with private equity, are afraid that their team of multiple attorneys on retainer may run circles around them in the legal agreement, or that if they take PE capital too early they may regret it. We address that at Dentist Investors, LLC by connecting you directly with wealthy dentists who have successful practices in the industry or have sold their practices and can provide not just capital but expertise as well. We are focused on non-control growth capital investments into stable, healthy, and growing dental clinics and Dental Investors, LLC and we can often do so in ways that will save you 80-90% of the typical equity dilution that comes along with raising capital.


We do this through an income structure designed to provide investors with consistent income and assurance of not losing their investment, and focus on dentist investors who understand the risks of operating a dental practice or Dental Investors, LLC. If you are looking at various strategies to scale your practice or platform please reach out to start the conversation and explore how we work together.

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