Investment Case Studies

Case Study #1: Dentist Investors, LLC

We had a founder of a DSO following us and on our email list for 11 years, they finally reached out and we met to discuss their growth plans. Within that same year we structured an investment to help them open their 6th location and allocated our own balance sheet capital into their practice.  We then needed to find a few more investors for them from our pool of 500+ active private investors and dentist/doctor investors and the first investor we showed the terms and deal to took the whole investment and completed the round. We are now helping this same DSO open up practice location #7 and #8 without using much less corporate balance sheet cash and with no dilution in their equity stake for that capital raised. We plan to help this DSO scale to 20 locations through opening or acquiring 2-4 locations per year.


Case Study #2: Dentist Investors, LLC

We sourced a female CEO led operation that had been operating for 3 years.  We were able to invest using our proprietary structure and acquire a minority equity position in the company.  We helped them move into a larger facility, formalizing their marketing and branding,  and help scale the business tripling their revenue before we exited the business through a buy-out from the founder.

Case Study #3: 2 Rounds of Growth Capital

We currently own 16% equity warrants in a operation that was just 3 years old but performing well with seasoned management. We placed our own balance sheet capital into the first round, and then brought in an investor in for the next round of investment and the business has grown 150% above where it was when we first invested. This deal used an innovative investment structure to provide investors with warrants instead of straight equity, and provided investors with an income stream to help close the deal.

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